Location: Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Area: 1000 sq ft
Year: 2019

This restaurant is a true definition of blending the interior with the exterior. The profound use of glass on the slanted ceilings to get a clear look of the blue sky, or the patterned black and white tiling channeling continuity in the space, and the combination of textured concrete and glass on the ceiling, creates room for light to travel through, further enhancing the experience of the user. The highlighted furniture in shades of red and blue brings the restaurant to life that runs in sync with the funky murals painted across the white walls.

The brief asked for a design that was nestled in its surroundings and attracts tourists to the heights of Gilgit Baltistan. The program consists of a multi-storey hotel, serviced apartments and a commercial center that caters to the influx of tourists coming into the city. The design features stone and wooden paneling across the three structures creating harmony throughout the design. The hotel building is sheltered with a butterfly roof structure which creates an impressive profile. The modern interpretation of the pitched roof is seen throughout the design as the entrance is developed with multiple pitched roofs intersecting at different points. The service apartments are designed on similar principles. The commercial building is proposed as an independent entity while also remaining in harmony with the other proposed structures.

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