Location: Lahore

Baithak is a restaurant designed following the theme of the Mughal Era, fused together with modern design and architectural elements. The subtle color palette and material choice in the interior with a hint of blue really lights up the space, making it warm and pleasant for the user. Specific design features such as the ornamentative doors and windows along with colorful wall paintings add a playful aura to the interior. Mughal architecture can be seen reflected in the arch shaped partition wall fenestrations, the early jali design hung up on the walls and the truck art and calligraphy ornamentations around the space.

The brief asked for a design that was nestled in its surroundings and attracts tourists to the heights of Gilgit Baltistan. The program consists of a multi-storey hotel, serviced apartments and a commercial center that caters to the influx of tourists coming into the city. The design features stone and wooden paneling across the three structures creating harmony throughout the design. The hotel building is sheltered with a butterfly roof structure which creates an impressive profile. The modern interpretation of the pitched roof is seen throughout the design as the entrance is developed with multiple pitched roofs intersecting at different points. The service apartments are designed on similar principles. The commercial building is proposed as an independent entity while also remaining in harmony with the other proposed structures.

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